The mill was built in the 1780's, by Daniel Strafford and was known as Stratford's Mill.

It was powered by two waterwheels to spin and weave cotton until 1856, when it was rebuilt and a steam engine was added. It continued to be driven by steam and water until the 1940's when electricity took over. Finally after 210 years of continuous textile production (making it the longest continuous production in the UK), the mill closed it's doors on this era in December 2000.

The mill is now owned by us, a local family business who bought the Mill after its closure to bring new life to this imposing and beautiful site and to realise its potential as a local and national landmark.

Sadly whilst working with others to develop plans and schemes for the future of Torr Vale Mill, it fell victim to trespassers causing a great deal of damage - the worst of which was a fire destroying one of the buildings in 2001. Despite this damage (and the costs of repairing the mindless actions of others falling solely on ourselves) the mill we believe has come through the worst and is facing a very bright and exciting future.

The mill has undergone works in recent years so that it is now the home of Chemquip LTD. Chemquip rents the first floor in order to carry on its business of producing specialist pumps and parts to service the needs of the chemical industry throughout the world.

Renovations to turn Floor -1 and Weaving Shed into an events venue started in 2010 and the doors opened to the mill's first wedding in June 2011. Further work was carried out in 2018 to add better toilet facilities, a catering room and permanent bar.

We are keen to involve the local community in our plans for the future of Torr Vale Mill and we welcome ideas from those who wish to get involved. We do ultimately want to bring this historical place into a new era in which it is both financially and environmentally self-sustainable.


Torr Vale Mill

Torrvale Road

New Mills, High Peak

SK22 3HS

Phone: 01663 741753

Email:  info@torrvalemill.co.uk

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