Cotton Mill.

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The Cotton Mill is our main reception space designed to be a blank canvas for your own choice of decoration.

Cast iron columns and beams, barrel vaulted ceilings and exposed stone walls have been retained and beautifully featured with modern LED colour wash lighting. Three floor viewing points offer a peek back in time as you overlook some old looms still in situ in the basement - they were moved in here to be used as training looms. The history of this magnificent space is certainly brought to life!

Entirely underfloor heated from a renewable energy system, it's perfect for cosy weddings during winter months.

The beauty of Torr Vale Mill is nothing is set in stone. The Cotton Mill is deliberately left to be a versatile space so you can choose what works best for you.

"With a perfect blend of historic and contemporary features, Torr Vale Mill really is a hidden gem."

The Cotton Mill is a blank canvas allowing you to design your own layout, colour scheme and decorations.

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