Torr Vale Mill.

Torr Vale Mill was built in the 1780's by Daniel Strafford and was originally known as Strafford's Mill. It was powered by two waterwheels to spin and weave cotton until it was rebuilt in 1856 and a steam engine added.

Unlike most other mills, Torr Vale Mill continued manufacturing cotton into the 20th century, still powered by both steam and water until electricity took over in the 1940s.

Finally after 210 years of textile production - making it the longest continuous production in the UK - the mill closed its doors on this era in 2000.

Unfortunately, not long after its closure, it fell victim to vandalism and a fire destroyed one of the main buildings.

The mill is now owned by a family who wanted to bring a new life to the building and to realise its potential as a local and national landmark.

In more recent years, extensive works has been undertaken and thankfully it is now facing a very bright and exciting future. Not only home to a unique and exclusive wedding venue, but also; individual office and retail spaces, three holiday cottages renovated from the mill outbuildings, The Shrub Club (a dog friendly boutique bar) and The Cheese Wheel - an artisan cheese, craft beer and wine shop.

We are keen to involve the local community in our plans for the future of Torr Vale Mill and we welcome ideas from those who wish to get involved. Ultimately, our aim is to bring this historical place into a new era in which it is both financially and environmentally self-sustainable.

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